Wednesday, August 25, 2010

3 Months And Doing Great!!!

Addy is doing great!! Actually she is doing better than great, she is the absolute most precious child I have ever laid eyes on. Everyday I am completely surprised by her knowledge, her abilities and her strength. I love watching her grow and learn, especially when she is learning about how to be apart of a family that will fight for her everyday of her life!

Yesterday we took a break and met her daddy for lunch. Ofcourse, she looked at him through the window of our car and started sreaming. Then, as soon as we got out she started saying "Da,Da,Da"!! Joe immediatly broke down, he is such a softy! haha

We had her evaluation for preschool this week and it went really well. She was able to point to alot of pictures correctly. Her comprehension is far beyond what we thought it would be at this point. We go for her case conference next week and then she will be ready for am preschool. Im soo excited for her. We were able to visit her class and she loved playing with the kids. And to top it off, there were two other children with Down Syndrome in the preschool! She really enjoys playing now and she is creative thats for sure! I caught her in her room trying her best to actually sit on a barbie chair!!!

Noah and Gracie are both in school and loving it!! Noah really is enjoying 6th grade and Gracie says she loves her new teacher!! So things are going really well.
Now for the pictures!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Too Much Fun!!

We are having soo much fun this summer it is hard to put it into words. All three kids are doing great and everyone has had an awesome summer. My best friend, Karrie, and I took her two girls and mine to Pennslyvania this past week. We went to Sesame Place Park, which I highly recommend, Hershey Park, Crayola Factory and to New Jersey to the beach. We had an absolute blast. The girls were excellent, especially in the long car ride and the activities we did with the girls were soo much fun. Pictures will come soon!! Addy continues to fit right into our lives. She still does not talk, which is ok, we are learning more signs to teach her and she is picking up new ones everyday. She is now addicted to Gracie, they are best friends, and never leave each others side. It is too cute to watch them giggle for hours and play together..Very bittersweet. We are working on body parts right now and she is doing well. We also took a trip to the dentist, she has no cavities and teeth are pretty healthy..he did say to watch her gums and she could have some adult teeth missing, but no worries now. We also are doing Speech Therapy starting next week, so excited to see her progress with her signing and speech. She has gained a total of 4 pounds and has grown almost two inches and has went from a shoe size of 5.5 to a 7. I guess a little nutrition goes along way. When she first came home she slept almost 13 hours at night and took a 3 hour, if not more, nap during the day. Now she sleeps around 10-11 hours at night and if she does take a nap, it is only 1-2 hours. The malnutrition and anemia really took its toll on her, but now that she is much healthier, THANK YOU JESUS!!, she is really doing great. To look at her now and see the changes and the love that pours out of her is such a blessing. Now for the good stuff!!!!