Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Busy Busy Times!!

We have been so super busy since school has started and it seems I have neglected our blog more than usual. It seems we hardly have time to keep up with activites and our house let alone try and show off our beautiful little girl!!! She is doing great!! Preschool is awesome and she loves every minute. Her teacher is great and Addy really loves the other kids. She is learning the dance moves to songs, understanding about staying in line and raising her hand for snack. She loves to hang out with her big sis now, they will sit and play barbies forever!! I love watching them play together. We recently got a new puppy, our Westie of almost 13 years died and we could not imagine our lives without a Westie dog in it. Our new little puppy is Milton and Addy loves to carry him around and push him in her grocery cart, Im not sure how he feels about that but he does run from her when he sees her coming!!!lol We are preparing for our Buddy Walk, since it is DOWN SYNDROME AWARENESS MONTH!! We are super excited. This will be our first walk, we are trying to get the word out and hoping anyone and everyone in the area will sign up to walk with us or atleast go online at firstgiving/addynorman.com and help us raise money online and find out more info!! Just a quick update I know, will post more after Halloween!!