Friday, June 25, 2010

Silly girls, dancing and the fair

Wow what a busy week we have had. The kids have had such an awesome time at their aunts this week. It was so nice to be able to go to work without any children at my feet! I actually got stuff done. Addy did excellent with Amy, and even screamed in excitement when we got to her house on Wed. morning. The sister bond is growing and Im soo excited. Gracie still likes to "mother" alot, which I know is normal and annoying all at the same time. But they are doing great together, and everyday gets better. We visited our local fair last night and the kids had a blast on the rides and seeing the animals. Addy loved the goats and pigs, until one pig tried to eat her shoe..and then she yelled at them!!! Just a quick update...sorry....but I will include some pics and finally a VIDEO!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sweet Moments

We are having such a blast with Addy. I can not even put into words how perfect our family feels now. For the longest time if I was asked if we would have more kids, I would have said absolutely not! Four in our family is enough, we are good, do not ask that question again! :)

Oh how the Lord has HIS plan for us, and it is not always what we plan for. To follow His word,to be His hands and feet, and to be obedient has been such a huge part of our life the past year and all I can say is Thank God!

Addy has fit right in to our family, just like she was meant to be. She is such a happy, happy little girl. I could not imagine our lives without her.

Within the last week she has... added please to her list of signs, has said her first English words~ hi, baby & no, seeks us out for hugs and kisses, goes to her bed and falls asleep when asked to, says eww when I change her diaper, sits on the potty and pretends to pee, plays with toys with meaning and purpose instead of just thowing them, realized she can drink whenever she wants during the day, climbed up the deck steps, found out play sand is alot of fun, caught lightening bugs with her brother and sister, walks with her eyes closed and peeks at what she is about to run into, spins in circles and laughs uncontrollably until she falls down, sat in a mud puddle and loved it, tasted rain and had her first marshmallow!!

That is alot for one week and I even think I left a few things out. :)

God is sooooo good!!!!

She did her own hair here!!!

Hopefully video to come soon!!!! She is a doll baby, you have to see her in action!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Beautiful Little One

This little girl surprises me each and everyday.
Everyday she learns new things, new signs, new ways to communicate and show her love. She defintely gets it now, we are her family!!! She is such a cuddle bug, loves to kiss us and she has some pretty good tickle spots. Her laughter is soo contagious.
Gracie and Adelee are doing much better. We still have our moments, but their sisterhood bond is getting stronger. Noah is in complete love with her and tells us that on a daily basis, what an awesome big brother to two little girls he has made. :)

We thank Jesus daily for showing us the need and giving us the courage to step out in faith and bring her home. I could not imagine our life without her in it. I look back now at the long waits we had, the paperwork that we compiled, the hardship we endured being away from home and more seems so trivial now. The love we have for this little precious child outweighs the process by far.

We have gotten her to try more foods, but the mushier the better, so we keep trying. She got to experience our pool last night for the first time and was unsure at the beginning but loved it. She now loves the dogs and cats, chases them around and plays with them. She enjoys being outside, riding in the car, the grocery cart, and her swing on the deck.
She uses the sign for cookie to get a drink and it is so cute I think we will just keep it as her sign for drink, it makes me giggle each time she does it. It is such a blessing to watch her and Joe together, he has fallen head over heals for this little girl.
I will defintely get more pictures up soon, I will leave you with a few pics of her trying an oreo cookie!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Has it really been 2+ weeks!

Hey everyone,
WOW what a whirlwind life can be. Just a quick update...
Things are going good but extremely busy. Between our business, catching up at home (no real yard work done for the first two months of spring YIKES, and the three kiddos we really find some days a little overwhelming :).
As for Adie she amazes me each and every day. What a blessing she truly is, the joy in her smile stops me daily and refereshes me totally. How these precious children are tossed aside is beyond comprehension. I am so thankful that we found her and saved her. God Bless Andrea and everyone that gives of themselves for RR to do what they do.
Sorry for the vague hit and run update... hopefully we can update with some good pics soon.