Friday, June 11, 2010

My Beautiful Little One

This little girl surprises me each and everyday.
Everyday she learns new things, new signs, new ways to communicate and show her love. She defintely gets it now, we are her family!!! She is such a cuddle bug, loves to kiss us and she has some pretty good tickle spots. Her laughter is soo contagious.
Gracie and Adelee are doing much better. We still have our moments, but their sisterhood bond is getting stronger. Noah is in complete love with her and tells us that on a daily basis, what an awesome big brother to two little girls he has made. :)

We thank Jesus daily for showing us the need and giving us the courage to step out in faith and bring her home. I could not imagine our life without her in it. I look back now at the long waits we had, the paperwork that we compiled, the hardship we endured being away from home and more seems so trivial now. The love we have for this little precious child outweighs the process by far.

We have gotten her to try more foods, but the mushier the better, so we keep trying. She got to experience our pool last night for the first time and was unsure at the beginning but loved it. She now loves the dogs and cats, chases them around and plays with them. She enjoys being outside, riding in the car, the grocery cart, and her swing on the deck.
She uses the sign for cookie to get a drink and it is so cute I think we will just keep it as her sign for drink, it makes me giggle each time she does it. It is such a blessing to watch her and Joe together, he has fallen head over heals for this little girl.
I will defintely get more pictures up soon, I will leave you with a few pics of her trying an oreo cookie!!!!


  1. Glas to hear things are getting better. Oh.....keep those pictures coming because I never get tired of seeing that precious face!

  2. So glad to hear Adelee's adjustment is going so well. Sounds like her being a part of your family is a real blessing for everyone. God is so good! Thank-you for sharing the sweet pictures.