Friday, June 25, 2010

Silly girls, dancing and the fair

Wow what a busy week we have had. The kids have had such an awesome time at their aunts this week. It was so nice to be able to go to work without any children at my feet! I actually got stuff done. Addy did excellent with Amy, and even screamed in excitement when we got to her house on Wed. morning. The sister bond is growing and Im soo excited. Gracie still likes to "mother" alot, which I know is normal and annoying all at the same time. But they are doing great together, and everyday gets better. We visited our local fair last night and the kids had a blast on the rides and seeing the animals. Addy loved the goats and pigs, until one pig tried to eat her shoe..and then she yelled at them!!! Just a quick update...sorry....but I will include some pics and finally a VIDEO!!!


  1. That girl seriously cracks me up!!!Can we duplicate her??? She seems like she has been with your family forever.

  2. Oh she's so cute!! Surely she and Gracie will become best friends with time..