Sunday, July 11, 2010

Birthday Fun

Addy's birthday was 7-7, but we did the majority of the celebration this weekend.

She absolutely loved her birthday. She did such a good job opening gifts and loved to have us sing to her. She even blew out her candles, with some help :)

Her personality is definitely emerging. She can get quite upset when other kids invade her space and she has no problem pointing her finger at them and telling them "Niet"!! (no in Ukrainian).

She continues to enjoy the pool more and more and even with strict sunscreen she has herself a little bikini tan, which is too cute!!

We visited the aquarium on her actual birthday with my best friend Karrie and her girls. The kids all had a blast. I think Addy liked the glass floor the best, she could see all the fish and sharks underneath her. I think at one point she layed down on the glass and held up the line as everyone laughed. She also got to enjoy some ColdStone ice cream, which she enjoyed immensely.

Her birthday celebration was a blast. We had a cookout with family and friends and she had a really good turnout. Lots of food, presents and swimming. She got alot of nice toys and is having so much fun playing with them!

Since early last week she has developed the "I love my mommy and will scream if she leaves my sight" idea. We went shopping and out to dinner Friday night as a family and when I went to the restroom at the restaurant I could hear her screaming all the way there. When I got back she just looked at me like...Im good now, thanks! It is soo nice to see that she knows I love her and she does have a mommy now that will care for her and comfort her. It can also be a little stressful, but in a good way.

Karrie wanted me to post the TOP TEN THINGS I LOVE ABOUT ADDY, so here goes......
I love that she is specific about where her drink and food goes on the table when she eats. I love when she crawls into bed and reaches up for a kiss. I love how she rubs my chest and face when we cuddl. I love that she uses the sign for cookie when she wants a drink. I love how she says "poo" when she goes #2 and waves her hand bc it stinkies. I love when she screams at the top of her lungs in excitement in restaurants when they deliver our food. I love to watch the attachment her and Noah have for one another. I love how she plays with our puppy and belly laughs. I love how she runs with such determination. And finally I love how she looks in her daddy's arms.

Today at church I thought alot about her birth parents. I wonder if they are thinking about her as she turns three. I know her birth mom is aware that she was adopted. I just hope she feels it in her heart that she is loved for and cared for and is part of a family that would do anything for her. My heart breaks for them. I could not imagine giving up a child that I held so close to my heart for 9 months. I do not know the specifics, but i do know mothers are encouraged to give special needs children up because of the future that they would endure in such a country. It is soo sad to think that the opportunities that we have here are soo far from the things that other countries have. Traveling there and seeing the day to day activity restrictions that these people would be faced with is enough to scare anyone. Especially a new mom. I pray that more and more people see these issues and things change so that these kids have a fighting chance there. I also pray that Addy's birth mom feels a peace about her and her life now and knows that we love her as if she came into our lives 3 years ago.

New pics of her past couple weeks and her awesome birthday fun!!!


  1. OHHH loving your post!!! The part about her screaming and you could hear her in the bathroom just cracked me up and you saying that when she saw you - she was like I'm good now, thanks! F-U-N-N-Y. Thanks for sharing and just want you to know that you have truly been an inspiration to me and TONS of help - I was telling Erin that really the only blogs I have followed are yours and hers because I was afraid too many would overwhelm me and so for that and many more things I'm truly thankful!! Ya'll take great FAMILY pictures!! Enjoy!

  2. haappy birthday sweet girl love the photo's

  3. sorry I didn't comment but want you to know i'm still here waiting and thinking of you all


  4. HOLY STINKIN' COW! She's so cute! We're so sorry we missed the looked like fun!

    (I recognized one of the dresses and got all emotional :) It was one of my girls' dresses!)

    Glad things are going well!!

  5. Hello from Kiev!! We are so thankful to you for the letter)) "grandma" was crying and thanking God! she is so happy for Olya. now we know where we can see how Olya is growing up and how she is doing! Thank you a lot. We are waiting of new pics from you)
    God bless you!