Tuesday, November 23, 2010

~6 MoNthS HoMe~

October and November have both flown by....

We have been so busy as a family that it has been impossible to find time to blog. Everyone is doing amazing..especially little Addy. She continues to amaze us each and everyday. It has been 6 months now that she has stepped foot in Indiana and she is such a changed girl. So different from the first time we met her. I remember her barely walking out of the orphange room..looking so tiny and sweet. Now she literally runs everywhere she goes, she is non stop into things and curious. So not the shy little one we first met. She is figuring out who she is and coming into her own personality. It is soo fun to watch.

At preschool and sometimes at home, when she is not "in the mood" for you or what is going on she stops and closes her eyes!! Not for a minute or two, but for awhile. Not sure how to handle this really. She just shuts down and is done with the situation. It happens alot when she is getting in trouble for doing something, its almost like she does not want to hear you telling her no! Such a stinker, so we continue to work on it. On the other hand, she is doing well at school. She really enjoys going and all the other kids want her to sit by her and hold her hand all the time. Soo sweet to see.:)

She is very protective of Gracie now...loves,loves,loves her big sissy. They play so well together and when she gets scoulded for something she runs to Gracie to cuddle. So amazed at how far they have come... God has been soo good to us. Our family has grown this year and we are all healthy and happy. We are truely blessed!!!


  1. SO thrilled for you and your family! She looks amazing and settled. Yay God!

  2. She is PRECIOUS! And it looks (and sounds) like she is doing great :)!

  3. She's looking wonderful!!!! I am headed to Vorzel to do some trainings and was wondering if you wanted me to bring them a current picture of Addy! sanflan@ptd.net