Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Exciting News

Just found out we may be getting more pictures and current information on little miss Olga. There is a family in the same country adopting a child from Olga's orphanange. I was able to communicate with them via email and their translator is going to help them meet Olga and spend some time with her. Thank You Jesus!!!!

We are soo excited to learn more about this little girl that love overflows for. We are eager to learn about who she is and what she likes/dislikes. Noah and Gracie are also asking questions daily about her and this morning Gracie woke up and the first thing she said was "Is Olga awake right now". Bless her heart, she keeps trying to figure out her little sissys time zone.

Yesterday we went for our firt homestudy appointment. It went very well. The social worker was excellent, very open about her expectation, excited about our journey with a special needs child, and understanding of the urgency of getting the homestudy finished in December. We have our parental questionaire finished and ready to email to her tomorrow. She said the home visit would be scheduled a few days after she receieved that. Very exciting!!!

We are getting passport pictures done tomorrow and the physicals and immunizations will be scheduled tomorrow also. Trying my best to keep everything in check, making my to do lists and find an overwhelming satisfaction when I check mark things done!!!

Joe and I have discussed fundraiser ideas. So soon we will post what and when those will be. I also have made tutus and they are very fun to make, so I may start selling those to assist us. Any ideas welcomed by the way.

Will keep you updated on our progress and any new information about Adelee Olga will be posted asap
In Him,

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