Thursday, November 26, 2009


Fundraiser Time Begins...
I have recently learned the art of making tutus from my best friend, Karrie. Im very excited about making this into a fundraiser for bringing our little Olga home!

Gracie was a great helper and decided to model for me (see sidebar for picture). I have made several already and super excited about making more.

Please let me know by email if you would like to purchase a tutu and help us in our adoption process. The price of the tutus are $20.00 each (shipping included).Turn around time is 1 week or less. Email me at, and let me know the following info.
1.Aprrox waist measurement of child.
2. Up to 3 colors you would like.
3.Any other specifics you may have.

We are very excited for this fundraiser to begin and hope to do even more in the near future. These are the perfect gift for little girls!!!!

We have also donated a tutu to Sarah is doing alot on her site to help bring home Duncan, who is also a special child wanting to come home.

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