Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Journey Begins

We are so excited....
Joe and I have decided to take the leap of faith and adopt. It has weighed on our hearts for years now but we have always pushed it aside. Thoughts of impossibility would far outweigh the constant nudging of our hearts.
Adelee Olga is waiting for us in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. Back home, Noah and Gracie are impatiently waiting for her. The love in Noah's eyes when he talks about her overwhelms me. He has such an awesome heart! Gracie is slightly confused as to why she is not here with us now, but already willing to give of her heart and toys!
She is such a special child. She has Down Syndrome with an oval window of the heart and hypothyroidism. But we are determined to not let this be her label. To definitely not let this be her only story. We feel so blessed to know she is waiting on us to come get her. The love that we have for her already is amazing.
The process of our home study is underway and should be done in December. If all goes well we are told we should travel in March or April. The process for special needs children is faster because of the urgency to find them forever families.
We are hoping to keep family and friends updated through the blog and let you in on this amazing journey that God is leading us on


  1. I am sooo excited you have a blog! I love that the kids are so ready to have her home too. You will have a very busy few months getting ready for that beautiful little girl to come home.

  2. Yay! A blog! hehe, no I'm not partial to blogs or anything!

    So glad God put adoption on your hearts many moons ago. Sweet Olga will now have a mommy and daddy!

  3. LOVE Olga! SO glad you are going to get her! I'm not sure which orphanage she is in. We didn't get to see other kids when we were there with Kellsey because of the whole swine flu paranoia! They have huge restrictions on visiting right now. If you email me and tell me which one she's in I can tell you. My husband is still there and would be happy to get pictures for you if she's in the same one :). They will let us see certain kids if we ask.

  4. Teary and rejoicing - Yippee Jesus!! I am thrilled for you and cannot wait to follow your journey to your precious baby girl!!