Friday, December 4, 2009

Home Visit

Well the home visit went really well. The social worker was extremely nice.
He really just sat with us and talked about our lives together and as a family. Also how bringing Adelee into the mix will be and what our motivations are for adopting.
It lasted right at 2 hours and we were relieved afterwards.
He said it would be done next week!!!!! So we are really excited.
Still on our mission to get all of the paperwork done asap. We are really getting close.
Please keep us in your prayers. We are still needing to raise quite a bit more money. I think Im going to need some help on this part of it, not much of a fundraiser myself. So I may be enlisting some people to help ;) Also pray for Olga, that she is being loved and well taken care of and that she will find comfort knowing there are people out there that love her and are trying really hard to bring her home.


  1. Are you in contact with JoAnn? She has tons of pictures of your girl as she almost brought her home this last summer. If you do now know her, I want to get you in contact with her.
    I just talked to our translator (yours too!) And told her I have to get into Olga's house so I can get pictures for you and a hug to her from her mama. She promised Monday or Tuesday we can do that since she has to be there with me. The orphanage is about an hour from the city, so it is a long drive and they go only when they really need to. I also need your e-mail so I can send you some pictures. you can get it from Meredith.
    I have so much to share with you! I just wish I would have seen your sweet girl by now. I am always on the lookout for her when I see the kids outside. No luck yet.

  2. Also...I want three tutus! For my three girls :)So let me know what I need to do!