Monday, December 21, 2009

New Pics Of Our Princess!!!!!

So excited to share the new pictures!!!
My new friend Joann, who is also bringing home a little one or two ;), sent me some pictures of Olga. I was soo excited to see the pictures. It appears the kids are playing outside and she looks happy. Check out Joann's blog @
I was having a difficult day on Friday. Trying to sell tutus like crazy, which is going well, but wish they were selling more. Not much of a fundraiser/selling type.
Also, feeling a little disheartened with some responses we have recieved about our adoption. But we stand firm in our decision that the Lord is guiding us in our journey and we are more than excited about bringing her home. We are doing this for Olga, for the Lord and for us, not anyone else.
Having that said, we received more pictures of our precious little girl friday night. Our facilitator sent recent pics of her and Im so excited to share those too. She has changed since the summer and is so stinkin adorable, we cried and cried.
Noah said, "Are you crying because she is so cute?" I explained to him that she is precious in our eyes no matter what, but we were crying because she looks sooo happy, and this makes us happy.
We are super excited now to get over there and bring her home. She looks like such a stinker and silly girl, that she should blend in just fine with my two here at home.

By the way, our homestudy is being emailed to us today or tomorrow, completely finished. We will get it approved and then its finally complete. Im so happy it has not taken long, less than a month, for it to be complete. Our social worker is excellent and we are so thankful to have them do our homestudy.
Enough said, here are the pics. Hope you enjoy them as much as we have!!!!!;)


  1. She is so adorable! We thought she looked a little bit like my daughter which is why we were praying if she did not have a family by now, maybe she was meant to be ours :)But, she was always meant to be yours!
    I wish I would have met her though.
    And as soon as I get home, I will help promote your Tutus!

  2. She is too stinkin cute~! And you're right, she does look so happy. That must quiet your heart some. I know why you were crying! When you do think you will travel?

  3. she is so adorable, she really is happy.
    People always seem to have an opinion when God decides, you’re the parent of a child with special needs. Must be so much harder for them when they see YOU adopting, they lucky ones will come around the others so don’t seem to matter as much even the ones you love.
    Of cause I love all my kids the same, but to never know the depth of loved received from a child with Down syndrome. I can only liken it to never knowing the love of any children.
    Not sure that made sense.
    Thanks for sharing these new photo’s with us.

  4. Olga is adorable! I had the pleasure of cuddling her and loving her up while at the orphanage with Jo Ann when she got her girls! I sat and played with her and she was very reseptive to any and all stimulation! She even imitated arms up and clapping!!! God bless you duringthis adoption process and with a lifetime of happiness with your daughter!!I'm hoping to get there in June to work with the children and if I do I'll be sure to get more pics of her and give her some extra loving!