Saturday, January 2, 2010


We submitted to US immigration on Monday December 28. I was so happy to send the i600a off with that big fat check!!!!!
Thank you to everyone for your prayers and kind words. Also I want to say thank you to everyone who purchased tutus. I really enjoyed making them and hope to continue to sell more.
We are very excited to start this new year, we can now actually say we will be a family of 5 this year!!! We continue to ask that you keep us in your prayers as we send out our prepared documents in the coming weeks. We are eagerly awaiting our fingerprint appointment. We hope that it comes quickly and that they aprove us just shortly after the fingerprints, therefore we will be able to submit our dossier by Feb.1.
We are now in the process of changing the girls bedroom. We are not sure if we are doing bunk beds or just a toddler bed to start out with. The room will be bubblegum pink and Joe will be painting the walls in the bedroom to welcome little miss Olga in, like he did Gracie.
I think the nesting stage has started. I continue to clean, rearrange and get rid of stuff. I feel like I need to do this stuff now, so that when the time comes to get ready to travel, this part will be done and behind me.
Please let me know if anyone has anymore fundraising ideas. And if there are still people wanting to order tutus, let me know!!!


  1. I am also an adopting mom from RH so I can totally feel your cause! We want two tutu's for my daughter's birthday in April, but the catch is that one has to fit American Girl, if it's possible? I'm picking out colors right now so I'll email you soon, hopefully!

    I'm happy to promote your tutu's when I get my site back up, and I have some ideas of money makers you could do. I've yet to find anything that is the magic fund raiser, but a lot of little adds up as you already know!

    I'll send you an email after school gets back in and things get back to normal. Please just keep your head up, whatever bias you meet in this journey is only going to make you stronger!!!!!

  2. Leann,

    I was looking at all the families at Reece's Rainbow and I can across your information. We used to live in Centerville. My husband was the pastor at the Centerville United Methodist Church. We recently moved to Shelbyville IN. We are considering adopting a child or children from RR. I will put your information on fb so other can donate toward your adoption.

    God Bless,
    Amy Land

  3. Amy, I would love to talk with you about our great journey we have had so far with Reeces Rainbow!! I tried to find you on facebook and failed. Let me know!!!