Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We Spotted Her

Ok, Me, Joe and my sister played detective this morning.;)
We were watching the video of the orphanage Olga is in on youtube. And we spotted her, it was Olga sitting on the blanket outside. Not a very clear shot of her and Joe was not convinced. But I knew!!!! That was my baby girl!
My sister noticed that one of the missionaries had on a Hokie shirt, which ofcourse means nothing to me. But evidently it is the Virginia Tech maskot?
So we knew they were from Virignia, so from there we searched the site. We were on a mission at this point.
We found within the context of the youtube site some abbreviations. After googling that, we discovered it is a youth lead church at Virginia Tech. Yeah!!! At this point we were so excited.
We found on their site information about the need at Olga's orphanage with diapers. I guess the orphanage lost their sponsership with Pampers and they are back at only changing the diapers once a day:( Which is sooo sad.
Within the staff page we found one of the girls that was there with the children, so I called and left her a message to see if she had anyother pictures of the kids or any little tidbit of information in regards to Olga.
The most exciting thing was that we found more video footage and we were able to clearly see little miss Olga laughing and playing on the blanket. IT WAS HER!!!!
I told Joe not to doubt a mother when it involves her child!!!! :)

It was so awesome to acutally see video of her. Pictures are great, but there is nothing like watching her move and play and smile.
Ofcourse it brought tears to my sweet hubbys eyes. He is such a softie!!!
Every so often God gives us a glimpse of our little miracle waiting for us. He gives us hope, that the day will be soon that she is in our arms. He gives us light and clarity, showing us that this is where He is leading us. And most of all showing us His LOVE, through the smile of a little girl that already melts the heart of her daddy!!!!
If you would like to see the video clip, I can email you the link.
With Full Hearts!!!!


  1. YES, YES I want to see!!! That is awesome!

  2. That is great!
    And yes, they only do change the diapers once a day. My gift to the orphanage were diapers and I was the most popular person in there!
    Nina is finally used to having her diaper changed several times a day.

  3. That is SO stinkin' cool! I SO want to see it! My email (if you don't have it) is on the sidebar of our blog!

    YAY! God spoils us, doesn't He? He gives us little glimpses of Heaven in a little girl's smile! So glad to be on this adventure with you!

  4. Oh my gosh, I would love to see the clip! How awesome for you to have found that!