Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our Prayer

Yesterday Joe and I decided that we would take our chances at the immigration office. The waiting was driving us both insane and I needed to hear them either say yes we can do it or no you have to wait. I felt like atleast I tried. Right?

I think the whole drive there we said maybe 5 words to one another, he was praying constantly and I was worrying. At immigration we prayed that the Lord would put someone before us with an open heart. Someone that would be kind and understanding and know our struggle.
When we got there, there were about 6-8 people waiting. Which was a surprise!! I was thinking it d b a packed house in my head. But grateful that it was not!
We explained our needs and how our date for the fingerprinting was not until Feb. 16 but we were really wanting it before then. And they let us!!!! We could not believe it was that easy! It was definitely God changing hearts and placing us there at the right date and time. We were soo excited and were in and out in about an hour.
So now, the wait does continue. But I do feel like a weight was lifted. Now we wait for approval from the US, which should be a few weeks. And then finally I can send that huge amount of paperwork, that I stare at daily, to Eastern Europe!!!!
Thank you for all the kind words and good advice. Im so glad we went and took that chance.

Now we are able to focus on speaking to the congregation this weekend. We are very excited to let people know about what God has called us to do and about the orphan ministry at our church. We are very excited to allow the church in on what we are doing and having all those prayers for us during our travels. We want a very big welcome when we bring our little girl into the church and we want people to understand what we are doing and how special she is!! Will hopefully get some pictures to add too!!!


  1. AMEN!!!

    Can wait to hear you guys speak.

  2. SO HAPPY FOR YOU! That is AWESOME :)!

  3. so happy that went so well. cant wait to see new photo's to

  4. YAY!!!!! ive been to that indianapolis office numerous times for fingerprints (why? they dont so happy for you. we are in so. indiana.

  5. So glad you were able to get fingerprinted!

    Good luck on Sunday sharing your testimony at church on Sunday!

  6. You did a great job! I hope someone put that $10,000 check in the bucket! hehe

    YAY God!