Monday, February 1, 2010

Our Weekend!!

Our family had a very important and busy weekend. This was the weekend we were able to get in front of our congregation at Fountain City Wesleyan Church and speak about how God is moving in our lives and to ask for prayer and support from our church family.
We were very moved by the responses we received from each of the three services. We were able to convey the message regarding the treatment of special needs children in Eastern Europe and to also talk about how God has sent us on an amazing journey to bring little Olga home.
I was able to sell around 9 more tutus, which is great and will keep me busy during this nervous time. And we have not yet ran a total on what was donated, but we are forever greatfull no matter what the total is.
We were able to hear from people within our church their own adoption stories and also a few stories of how they were deeply touched by Olgas smile and her joining our church family.
Joe did the talking at Saturday night service, and was doing well until he saw Olga's picture on the slideshow and he almost lost it. Bless his heart :)
I was able to talk during the two services on Sunday, and even though talking to a crowd at one service that had probably 600 people in was overwhelming I think it went well.A few pictures will be coming shortly.
Can not wait to bring her home and show her off now!! Hopefully immigration will be quick and we can receive our approval and send our dossier off.
Keep Praying!!!!!


  1. You guys did a good job. You need a picture of that tutu on here that you took to church.

  2. Leaann,

    I just wanted to say Hi! I figured out through RR that you are going to orphanage 12 where our "Olivia" is! We are excited to follow your journey as it looks like you are slightly ahead of us in the process. Your tutu's are beautiful! I'll have to think about some girls in my life that need some :).