Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Still Waiting....

The wait continues.
It seems like everytime I go to the mailbox I hold my breath and say a prayer, but the one piece of paper that we are waiting on is still not there smiling back at me.
When the day comes that I see it there I may not be able to control myself. It seems like forever since I mailed the i600a app out. Granted it was Dec.28th but it still feels like forever.
I continue to email and harass the immigration on weekly basis. We now know our fingerprints have cleared!!! Very excited about that. She did say in the next sentence that we "are in line" to get adjudication, the final go ahead.
In the meantime, I continue to make Lyndi work hard and find my constant mistakes with my medical forms. There is acutally one more form that I need to go have restamped my the doctors office to have everything complete for our dossier. I seriously think the our doctor will go crazy this time. It will be the fifth time I have gone in there wanting changes to be made to these documents. Not sure he was real enthusiastic about it to begin with. So Im sending Joe this time. I have went the four times before, now its his turn. Thanks honey!
We are also trying to get everything together for our will, so that when we meet with our attorney we will have everything together.
Will post as soon as I get that approval letter!!!!Keep Praying

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  1. good thinking sending Joe, I have had to do that to. Still praying cant wait till you have your sweet girl in your arms.