Sunday, May 30, 2010

1 Week In

We are 1 week in and doing great!!!

This week has been more than I could ever imagine. It has been absolutely great having her home. Three children are not easy, I have had my struggles, but the struggles and the learning have also been great.

She is in love with every woman we encounter. Seriously!! She hugs them and even tries to kiss them. It is very cute, but Im trying to convince her a simple wave is just as good. :) She will sit in the highchair forever and feed her self. She loves that independence. The only thing I have found that she does not like to eat is coleslaw and anything too chewy or with alot of texture. She really enjoys yogurt and bananas!!
Addy takes naps well and sleeps allnight, although I do find her in the middle of the night on the floor after she has rolled out of the toddler bed...we are working on that.
She does get anxious around other children and men. Not sure if she feels competition from the children, but its getting better. She does really well sitting in carts at stores too.
She loves watching ketchup being squirted out, smiles from ear to ear when I refill her plate of food, splashes, ALOT, in the bathtub, and chases our dog around with her walker until she hits him and laughs!
Signing has worked out really well. She now uses three signs appropriately. Thank you, all done and more. She also fist bumps, thanks to a friend at a cookout this weekend.

Joe and I can sit and watch her for hours. She amazes us each and everyday. Her love and excitement at life is such a blessing to witness. We thank Jesus everyday for showing us this journey and we pray that her life continues to blossom with us and witnesses to others the pure joy that the Lord has given us.


  1. Oh that smile of hers just melts my heart everytime I see her. I have been following your journey for a little while and am so glad to hear that she is adjusting so wonderfully. Love the picture of the sisters giving eskimo kisses :)

  2. She fits perfectly in your family doesn't she?!:) Love the pictures of your beautiful kids!

  3. Congratulations! Thank you for the wonderful pics. You are so blessed in your beautiful children.
    Thank you, Joe, for the pic of Ashleigh, and the wonderful descriptions. Helps to make the waiting easier. Looking forward to going for our precious ones.

  4. Aden love to get out poor dog to ;-) so happy things are going so well she is a doll. she is kissing her sister things must be better.
    love the photo of her looking out over the field

  5. LOVE that little cutie already!

    Praise God!

  6. There were no men at her orphanage other than an occassional visitor so Adelee is most likely confused by their size and deep voice. They do not fit into her 'scheme' but with your love I'm sure she warm up shortly. She looks absolutely wonderful!!!!Congratulatins!!!

  7. Congrats. We are also in the Ukrainian adoption process right now. If you could email me at that would be great!