Monday, May 24, 2010

Home At Last

Just wanted to let everyone know Joe and Olya made it home at 11pm Saturday night!!!
They ended up missing their last connection in Detroit, at this point Joe has so tired of people telling him they could not help... He got a rental car and drove the rest of the way home.:)

It was not the airport arrival and welcome we were anticipating. But it WAS great!!
Family and friends were here to great them with a very warm welcome. So bittersweet to hold her in my arms and have our entire family of 5 together.

She has been doing great! It has been overwelming, I wont lie. But fabulous at the same time. She sleeps through the night in her toddler bed. She has also been eating everything we give, without problems. Its soo cute to see the look on her face when she clears her plate and I actually put more on it, its like "I actually get more!!".

Noah is in love, literally!! We took her into school this morning to show his friends and classmates his new little sister and the look on his face of pride was amazing. He has such a good heart!
Gracie and Olya, thats a different story. There is definitely love between the two of them, but competition is there too. Olya does not like her to be really close and to try and help with things. This has upset Gracie and she feels left out. Im trying to get them to understand each other, I think time is only going to do that.

I will leave you with a few pics


  1. welcome back to indiana! congratulations on your little beauty..

  2. So happy you are all together and the little girl that so many of us prayed for, has her forever family. Girls are just like that, must be so hard on Gracie, she’s been waiting so long for her sister to love and play girlie games with. Will be keeping you all in my prays. Time heals all things.

  3. YIPPEEEE JESUS! She's home!

    I am so thankful I got to hear that laugh of hers yesterday. Seriously, no exaggeration, it was a taste of Heaven. It made my heart LEAP!

    If you ever need to chat, let me know!

    P.S. I was so happy for Noah yesterday too!

  4. So good to hear you are all together at last.
    And those sisters have a lifetime to work things out! :) Thank you for sharing your journey with me. May God's blessing be on all of you as you adjust to your new family "mobile".

  5. I am OVERWHELMED with LOVE and JOY for this little bundle. It brings me to tears to think of this amazing journey you have so graciously allowed me to be a part of. I thank you so much. You will never know how much it means to me to have you and your family as such an important part of my life. I absolutely adore your new little treasure! I am in awe! Love, Karrie