Monday, May 17, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait

Much like the spare tire above my belt I have a wait problem! It should be the keyword for our adoption. Another day of no news, no firm dates that anythng will happen and tra la la la la. It is the hardest part of being here five out of the last seven weeks, you cannot plan a single thing concerning your own well being and find that outside of yourself no one here gives a hoot. If I didn't have my little companion to think of I would be out of my mind with boredom and the blah feeling of not knowing when I can get that treasured plane home. Kiev is not bad at all but I have seen enough, done enough... check please! To add just a little salt we have watched two other families that had SDA and court after us get thier children and are ALREADY HOME. To get it off my chest HURRY UP ALREADY!!!
On a happier tone, Olya is doing great. She entertains me daily and is figuring me out a little too fast. For the first time she showed just a little "woman" at dinner tonight and fussed about until we ate and got out quick to her enjoyment to walk back and yell "oooooffff" at pigeons on the sidewalk. Earlier today we ventured out to a nicely sized park and had just gotten there good when clouds rolled in from ???? and put down some rain. So we double timed it back to the coffee house close to the apartment when the real gusher hit with heavy rain and thunder. But it was short lived to allow us time to get back "home" for apartment playtime and nap.
I will close with the obligatory pics and wish everyone a good day. Ahhh to be in the company of some of you raunchy old americans...JOE

Chasing some pigeons "OOOOOOFFFFFF"

Apartment Playtime


  1. Isn't it the hardest thing when you realize you really have no control? I'm so sorry it's taking soooo long.

    Love the pics, keep them coming!

  2. omgosh, that child is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!

  3. She's is looking SO cute, but get a bow in that hair, dude!


    Almost home...

  4. She is so cute!
    Yes, this is the hardest waiting time, I second, third (and so on) that!
    And I will not tell you how many families we saw come in and out before us, because I know that makes it so hard as well! Call, call, call! Make them roll their eyes every time the phone rings on their end, but sometimes that was the only way to get any answers. If you are desperate, they might catch on. Besides, Nadya was always telling me that to get anything done you have to keep pressing and keep calling, so...she is the one that said it!

  5. She is just adorable!!! I agree - you need a bow in her hair! :-) I know it's hard, but maybe there is a reason that God has decided not to let you go home yet. You'll be home soon!! I am praying that there are no more delays...

  6. She is PRECIOUS. also this? "Much like the spare tire above my belt, i have a wait problem" made me giggle. I'm right there with you sister!

  7. I can't believe how big she has gotten since last year, amazing!! you're time is almost up there, I promise...just so you know, the reason the other families moved faster is because they were not in your region. You picked the SLOWEST region. But, at least you are in a "friendly" city ;)

  8. Hi,
    My name is Heather and we are considering a 3-year-old girl listed on RR as Mallory. She is at the orpanage where your daughter is. I don't know if you will see these comments while you are there, but will you please contact me? I am dying to know more about this little one. Thank you,