Friday, May 21, 2010

Flight Update

Just a quick blog!

Joe and Olya could not fly out of Kiev, there was an emergency light on the plane. They had to wait 7 hours in Kiev and then eventually flew to Frankfurt Germany. They were on standby for four hours and were not able to catch that flight. They were way overbooked!!!
They are not able to fly out until tomorrow...;( Lufthansa did set them up with two free meals and a night stay in a hotel. Per Eldon, the most fabulous travel agent ever!!!, "only God knows where their luggage is". So he was able to get some clothing, diapers, contact solution and some other neccesities at a local pharmacy. They will hopefully be home tomorrow evening. I cant wait to get my hands on both of them. I have missed Joe something awful and to think it has been well over a month since I have seen my little one.
Joe did say that she is doing great and has been a trouper through this long airport journey. Hopefully her spirits will continue for the long day tomorrow that they have. Thanks for all the prayers and support.
Will update again soon!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! What is it with flight issues lately between Kiev and Frankfurt!?!? I'm so glad their journey home is closer!!!

  2. I can not wait I'm so excited for you ALL!

  3. Oh man. That is just a big ole pain! your hubby is a trooper :) cant wait to see pics of them at home !!