Sunday, May 16, 2010

You Scream I Scream...

...for ICE CREAM!!



Sorry for post delay, we had to switch to another apartment just for Saturday night and it was definitely a "last resort" flat. It was not as "new" as some of the other units and the phone line was apparently dead so no internet. We have moved back to our regular stomping grounds @ 19 Baseina Street for the rest of our stay.It is my third move this trip and Olya's second but it gives her a chance to ride in a car so all is good.
Yesterday after settling in our new digs we hiked to Kreshchatyk St. to take n the huge Saturday crowd and get some dinner. We went to Fridays and Olya had chicken fingers and fries, YUMMY. Afterward we got an ice cream from one of the vendors on Kreshchatyk and sat on the curb to enjoy (see pics). Then the uphill trek with toddler and backback in tow to the apartment. Today is very rainy so we are taking in our new NICE apartment. It has an all window balcony with views of the the cars and people and Olya loves it! Hopefully rain will settle long enough for a quick market run for water. Then tomorrow, hopefully, we will get passport news or the passport and start the 2-3 day dash to get everything done and a flight HOME.


  1. Yummo!

    So glad you're settling in. You sound like a regular in those parts!

    One day closer!

  2. That is the most adorable thing!!!!! I love that girl!! can't wait for u guys to get home!!