Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Day Closer?

We are officially one step closer to coming home! We went to the passport office today for Olya's picture and paperwork to get her passport on it's way. So the question is WHEN will we be home?? I understand that everyone wants an answer to this question, and believe me I want that date etched in stone more than anyone! However, and please understand, I will not know the exact date we can leave until her passport is in our hands and this usually takes 2-3 days but can take up to five. As soon as the passport is here I can pin down the day we come home but not until then. So if you are wondering, SO AM I! We have had another good day. Olya loves to ride in the car! Today on the way back from the passport office she spent the whole time sitting on my lap looking out the window chatting to herself, it was way too cute! It looked like rain so chef Papa whipped up some grub in the apartment and got the lil miss a good bath and now it looks like she is about ready for bed (we missed nap due to passport office trip :)) Please enjoy this little video and pray for a quick passport turn around, then a safe delay/ cancellation free route home!

Cab Chatter


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  1. Hay Joe, she is too cute. Take care, Mike (Pappy)