Thursday, March 11, 2010

Awaiting Our Travel Date

We are now just awaiting our travel date. Our in country facilitator said that all documents looked really good and he did not foresee an issue with the State Dept. of Adoption. So we are keeping our fingers crossed that they feel the same way!
We hope to get the appointment date soon. There are still tons of things we need to do before traveling, but I have been procrastinating quite a bit.
My best friend Karrie and my sister Amy are putting on a Pampered Chef party for us to finish raising the last bit of money needed for the traveling expenses. We are soo excited they are doing this for us!! If anyone wants to place an order just let me know and I can add it on!!! We are doing the actual party Saturday the 20th! Just leave me a msg. for details:)
As soon as we get the news I will post. But for now just keep us in your prayers that our dossier will breeze through and we will be ready to go!!


  1. I'm praying!

    And I'm ordering as well! Amy gave me a sheet last night!

    It's coming! It's coming! The actual travel to meet your baby girl is coming!!!

  2. When you have to get an appartment, make sure to contact me so I can give you some tips to get the best deal!

  3. I hope you hear soon! We were submitted today, so we are about a week behind you in the process :). How long do you plan to be overseas?