Tuesday, March 30, 2010

SDA Appointment

Today we went for our appointment to get Olga's referral. Nadya picked us up and we took a taxi. It was nice to see the "main street" which had alot of stores and restaurants. Very busy place.
The building we went to was not what I had imagined, very small and it was a side door to a building. Inside we waited with other families in the lobby area. Nayda said everyone there was waiting for the same thing and our wait could be awhile.
Not 2 minutes later they called us in!!!
We sat down with a woman psychologist and she asked us to tell her about our family and why we want to adopt a child with special needs, easy enough. She then showed us Olga's referral packet!
We were told that she has DS(we knew), that she has the oval window of her heart (we knew that too), and that she also has a hernia, we did not know this, and do not know what type, but very fixable.
We were told that her parents abandaned her at birth at the hospital and signed away all rights at that time and that they knew nothing about her having any brothers or sisters. Such a sad little story she has, so far atleast.
We were then asked how our two kids back home feel about Olga and what state we live in. I showed her the photo album we brought and who each person was and what each place was. She seemed very pleased with our answers and told us we had beautiful children back home.
Nadya tried to get them to exchange our photo that we have of Olga with the newborn picture, but they said they would not do it now that we would have to wait till later, which is fine.
We were out the door in less than 10 minutes. Nadya is hoping that we will have our court date by Friday or MOnday and is pretty sure it will be next week sometime that the official court date will take place. I pray this is true.
We have to go back to the SDA tomorrow and wait in line with everyone else to pick up our referral. to go see her. Nadya said she is going to try and arrange us to go directly to the orphanage after that, but we will have to wait and see.

I want to be honest with everyone so that the prayers continue and to those that are behind us in the process, espc

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  1. Praying for you. I cant say I understand I have no idea. I do suffer panic attacks though and will pray for you. A panic is just that nothing more just a feeling of anxiety that you try to figure out…worst part is being scared that this feeling is the beginning of something more and the fear of imagining that your going to get worse…the feeling of a panic attack is all it is nothing more cant and wont get any worse.. deep breathing makes you feel worse though, because your then concentration of your panic and how you feel . so please don’t try it. Hugs