Sunday, March 28, 2010

We Are Here!

After countless hours in multiple airports, three flights, one of those in which I thought was never going to end we are. In little Miss Olga's country of Ukraine!!
It has been a major culture shock on top of the fact that we are jet lagged and just plain exhausted. When we arrived, our facilatator took us to our apartment, which is pretty nice. We both got cleaned up and went to a local market to try and figure out what to keep in our apartment in the way of food. We both are soo confused as to what is ok to eat and what is not, we ended up with some pasta and sauce and some Coke Light, which thankfully tastes like Diet Coke.
Not sure if anyone else was ever really overwhelmed, scared and lost, but I surely am. I hate feeling like this, because I know what this trip is for, it is to save Olga. But I have creid non stop since we have gotten to apartment, I think I have actually scared Joe a little.
We were able to take a nap for a couple hours and now Joe is trying to cook the pasta. I hate having these feeling, I alomst feel disapointed in myself, that just because Im out of my comfort zone, Ive broken down.
I have tried to tell myself that it is short lived, that Jesus went through much more and that little Olga is depending on me to be strong. But if prayers could please be sent this way it would be soo thankful.
Will try to get much needed rest and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post a few pictures.
Having trouble with our email, so if anyone that usually just responds via email, try to leave a post here.
Talk soon :)


  1. I'm so glad to hear from you! I've been thinking about you all weekend. I can relate to your feelings. I know I can be the same way when I am WAY out of my comfort zone. A dear friend told Larry to be prepared for me to break down at some point and tell him I can't do it. It happened to his wife and his brother's wife. You are not alone! Larry compared it to giving birth and the end is pure joy so hang in there :). I will be praying! We are so excited for you and can't wait for you to meet Olga! Tell Oleg we said Hi and if you happen to see my sweet girl tell her I love her!

  2. IT IS NORMAL! You are human and it's not easy being that far away from. Not only are you getting used to a new normal for a couple weeks but the food, smell, language and everything around you is different. It will get better once you start getting rested up which could take a day or 2.
    I cried many tears too on our trip because of being away from the kids and not being able to eat hardly anything.

    You can do it though! It only a couple of weeks just take one day at a time. Remember you finally, finally get to look into the eyes of YOUR DAUGHTER.

    Praying for you guys!

  3. You are SO NORMAL and remember - you have a host of people back here who are rooting for you - praying for you - crying for you and just plain excited!!

  4. Everything you are feeling is perfectly normal. Just like Sarah, I cried many tears too! I even called home and woke up my mom in the dead middle of the night to talk me down. Trust me friend, you will push right through it. God hasn't left your side. Lean on Him!

    And DO NOT hesitate to call me. Call collect if you need to! You can vent, worry, panic, cry all you need to! I'll talk you down!

    Love you guys! Your children are so proud of you, you big world travelers! And all for Olga! Sweet Olga!

    Praying your day is better after sleep and food!

    Keep us posted!

  5. that is absolutely normal!!!! it is so overwhelming when you get here! then add jet lag and not sleeping it is just crazy. Oh and then add in the stress of what is to come :)
    chill out tonight and try to sleep!!!

  6. So happy you made it safely! We are sending prayers your way and wishing you all a wonderful experience. You are such an inspiration to be carrying out God's plan! Enjoy this experience and hang in there!

  7. I sent you a text. Let me know if you got it. You know I have extreme home sickness even if I'm just down the street from my house. I have to tell myself, This too shall pass. You are a wonderful mother. You can do this. You will do this. You always do what you put your mind to. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!! can we write back and forth on fb? If so, send me a private msg.

  8. Dear Leaann:

    I believe everyone goes through the same culture shock that you are feeling. You will be in good shape in no time. The Bible says that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. That God will never leave us nor forsake us. That His mercies are new every morning. That his compassion will not diminish and that His Love for us will not fail. When you feel overwhelmed, just think of Olga and lean on Jesus. Before you know it, you will be an encouragement to another family. Take it one day at a time.

    We will be praying for you and your family.

    Love in Jesus,


  9. ha! No, breaking down is what humans do, and I think sometimes unless someone has been there done it, they will never really understand. Let me ask you, before getting there, were you riding an emotional roller coaster? Because remember, you have not gotten off that ride! You are just now getting to the part where the loops and turns get a little wild! So cry! By all means cry and allow the Lord to carry you through!
    So, what street are you staying in? I might be able to point you to some grocery stores or restaurants that way.
    As for what to eat or not to eat, everything is really okay to eat. Just make sure that when you buy milk, it says "Moloko" :)
    Are you doing 2 trips or one?
    Hugs and prayers coming your way!
    And, just for fun, go out and take some pictures of those crazy sidewalks that must have been meant for cars and not people!
    And I am sure your translator would not mind spending a day with you and showing you around :)
    So excited for you to be there.

  10. its Noah.
    I hope you guys are okay and me Amy and Gracie are praying for you every night. When you meet Olga could you take a video of her and post it I really want to see her in action. I wish you luck and hope you have fun with baby Olga.
    Love you

  11. i love you mommy and daddy because you r the best parents in the world. i will miss you. i hope olga will be ok.

  12. Joe and LeaAnn,
    The Lord knows your hearts. He never said the journey He puts us on would be easy but He did say He would be with us every step of the way! I can't even begin to grasp what you are going through but I do know what it feels like to want a child to be safe and loved so much you would lay down your life for them. You stay on the path the Lord is taking you on and pray like you've never prayed before for His guidance. All will work out for the glory of God.
    LeaAnn, it's healthy and perfectly okay that you are showing such emotion during this time. That means you love this little girl that you've never met so much that even though you are outside your comfort zone you are taking that step of faith to bring her home. Follow the words of the song you posted:

    Heal my heart & make it clean,
    Open up my eyes to the things unseen,
    Show me how to love like you have loved me!
    Break my heart for what breaks yours,
    Everything Iam for your kingdoms cause,
    As I walk from earth to eternity!!!

    Love you both and will be praying daily until I see you at the airport with my new niece, Adelee Olga. Be safe and keep the faith!

  13. Oh my you are completely normal!! This isnt a vacation to a fancy resort, this is another country where you are meeting your little girl for the first time, not knowing what to eat, what to drink, dont know the language..etc etc...unless you are a seasoned traveler this is huge!! Once she hold your little cutie for the first time , i bet you start to feel a lot better :) hang in there !!
    Maria :) (RR)

  14. Overwhelmed, scared, and lost... that is a perfect description of how I felt when we first arrived in Ukraine in 2007. It will get easier. Glad you made it safely, and praying for a smooth process throughout your trip. Praying that God will grant you peace and patience, and rest, too!


  15. Praying for you!!!! Hang in there. I wish you the BEST and thank you for being so honest so that when we go through the same feelings we know they are totally normal. Sarah adopting Zoya just told us the same prepared to be totally overwhelmed at first. Can't wait until you meet your girl!!!

  16. We are praying day and night for you both that God will grant you comfort and patience!!! The kids are doing great!! I am so proud of Gracie, she is such a big girl. I was happy to hear from you this morning, you sounded so good. What a little sleep, food and food for the soul will do for a person. Rest today, tomorrow will be another overwhelming day.
    We love you,
    Amy and Bobby