Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We just received our submittal date to the SDA in Olga's country.
Our facilitator will be turning in our dossier to the State Dept. of Adoption!!

One step closer!! Hopefully it will not be long after that. We are still not sure how quickly it will be. When we look at other families journey's it all seems to differ. And now with the new interpol form, it may take a couple weeks longer.
But we are defintely excited today to get the news!!

We are coming soon Olga!!!!!


  1. My goodness you'd think this was my child. I cry every time you get a step closer! Lyndi just told me travel is averaging 5-8 weeks from submittal. Let's hope you are on the 5 week end of that timeline!!!

  2. Yea! We are right behind you (hoping to be submitted on the 11th), so I will be watching closely to see when you get your SDA appointment and when you travel :)!! CONGRATS!

  3. yay! this is so exciting. Your facilitator used to get dates 3 weeks away from when the dossier was submitted, that was before interpol clearance, so you can think 1 to 2 more weeks.
    You are almost there!

  4. Wonderful news!! My (not very educated!) guess is that you'll get a March 8th appointment date.


  5. Congrats!! We hope to get our hs updated by the end of the month. We hope to commit to three children on RR by April 1.

    God BLess,
    Amy Land