Monday, March 29, 2010

Second Day

Right now it is 4pm here. After sleeping 14+hours, Im doing much better. The initial shock of being in a new country along with jet lag was not pleasant. But Joe and I both have actually laughed today!!
We got ready and went to another market, which was nicer than the last one. I was on a search for water, I have never been so dehydrated and thirsty for water before. We kept buying water, but it was carbonated and not quinching our thirst. Finally I found Evian.
We continued to walk around the area and also found a toy store,they have the same toys that we have in the states.
We are now back in our apartment. We will try the TGI Fridays restaurant that we have heard from other families tonight and try and relax and watch a movie. Our SDA appt. is tomorrow at noon. We are soo excited to get the process started here and be able to find out information about Olga.

Here we are doing our many flight!

YAY!!In Ukraine Airport

Our apartment, very bright and cheery, exactly what I need ;)

Sidewalks here are for driving on first, then walking

Gracie, they have barbies here just like at home!!!!

This is apartment from across the street. The buildings here on the outside look alot different from the inside.

I will post after our SDA appt. tomorrow. Thanks for all the prayers and support. It is great to know we have so much support. Love you guys!!!


  1. YEAH!!! So happy to hear you are doing better today! Amazing what some good sleep will do for you :)!!! Try and enjoy your day and good luck tomorrow!!!! :)

  2. looks so awesome! glad you are feeling better!Love the apartment. are those tv's in the kitchen?

  3. Great news! You'll have to give us the scoop on that apartment after you get home. We might want to look into that. Can't wait to hear how tomorrow goes!

  4. I am so glad you are doing much better, you kinda scared me yesterday, b/c I feel I will be the same way. I hope I recover as fast as you did. Good Luck at the SDA hearing.

  5. i like your apartment. i love you mommy and daddy.
    Love Gracie

  6. Hello you two, Glad you are feeling better. Please let us know how things go at the hearing. Noah and Gracie are fine. We are having Easter at Amy's Sunday. That next week Kids are staying with us. Pam and I are planning things to do. In fact I(Pam)had a filling repaired at the dentist today, looking thru the Family Fun mag, I came across a piggy bank craft using a two liter bottle-thought Gracie might get a kick out of making it. Hoping Meg's will allow us to borrow the Wii, think of you often and always holding you close in prayer. I look forward to signing on and reading of your day and experience's..continue to look out for each other and know you are loved very much!! Dear Father,
    When we grow discouraged, God, raise our eyes toward spiderwebs spun in a corner and remind us that no hope is to small. At first glance, the webs look like fragile, insignificant strands, but, infact, they have amazing strengh. And consider what those webs do for the spider. They bring it sustenance. Help us twist our own tiny strands of hope into sturdy ropes of commitment when we take the next step toward the tasks you are calling us to. Amen

  7. Your apartment looks the exact same layout as the one I stayed in the second half of my trip! Except mine was black and white!

    Did you make it to TGI Friday?

  8. so happy you were able to sleep and feel better today!! praying your appt is short and sweet tomorrow :)