Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where are the nerves!!!!

Ok, everyone keeps asking me if Im nervous! Now I feel like I should be.
Where are the nerves!!!
So I started thinking about all the things I have postponed and put off because Im not rushed and not nervous.
So now if anyone wants to know, Iam nervous!!!! :)

I feel like time is running out and I have soo much left to do. I know we are not supposed to worry, God is in control. I get that.
But now I feel like my head is spinning and I cant think of what needs to be done!!!

Our living room is a mess with our travel stuff and so is our dining room table!! So no fancy homemade meals this week!

It was so funny this morning I was getting ready and Gracie said, "Shouldnt you be packed and ready, dont you leave the country in a few hours!". Too funny, even though we do not leave for 4 days, even my daughter is reminding me to get things in order! ;)

I was up late last night listening to Hillsong United, if you have never heard of them they are an Australian Christian band that I absolutely love!!!
The song Hosanna came on, in which I love and there were a few verses that have really been weighing heavy on my heart, so here they are....

Heal my heart & make it clean,
Open up my eyes to the things unseen,
Show me how to love like you have loved me!
Break my heart for what breaks yours,
Everything Iam for your kingdoms cause,
As I walk from earth to eternity!!!

I know this journey will not be an easy one, for the kids, for us in a foreign country, for the families watching our kids... But I also know that the Lord will give us strength, and give the children comfort. When we look into the eyes of our little girl, so lost and broken, we will know our purpose and continue to look to what the future holds for her.
Our suffering does not compare to the what the Lord endured for us!!

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  1. I remember that feeling. Honestly, I got asked that question so many times it was irritating. I was not nervous at all until the first morning right before my visit to Tavi. I just didnt' have a file that told me how it was goign to go, you know?! :) But once they walked that little girl into the room, peace like I had never felt washed over me from head to toe and I KNEW I was where GOD wanted me to be!