Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Got Referral

We went today to the SDA again with Nadya.We were about 5th in line. We walked in got her referral paper, signed our name by our passport numbers and out the door we went. We were able to see our entire dossier packet too, which was nice.
Other than that, today was spent resting and doing laundry. We also found a nice Itallian restaurant that Lyndi suggested. I was finally able to eat, which I though I would never be able to do.We also met some American missionaries at the restaurant. THey have been here for over a year working within the orphanages and in homeless shelters and will be here for quite some time. They were so nice and able to give us some tips and places to go. The women explanined to me how she felt when she first arrived. It was very comforting to speak to them. We also spoke with a couple at the SDA that adopted a little girl when she was 5 here in Ukraine and now she is 11 and they are back for her sister!!!!How amazing. They had the girl with her and she was absolutly gorgeous.
We were not able to go to orphanage today ;( We have to take the social worker with us from Kiev to the orphanage on the first visit and she was unable to go today. We will be going at 8am in the morning to see her. Nadya said we would have about 2hours with her. YAY!!!Im soo excited to see her.
Nadya said when she was taking her pictures last Nov/Dec Olga and another little girl were being very silly. Hugging each other and laughing and making faces. Those of you that have seen the picture with Olga acting silly with her hands on her head that was it!! I cant wait to see her personality and how she interacts with us.
I want to thank everyone for the prayers, support, words of encouragement and scripture that you have given us. I would have to say this is the most difficult thing I have ever done, but I know in the end will be the most rewarding.
I leave you with a few pictures of the city and hopefully tomorrow we will have the pictures we have all been waiting to see!!


  1. you sound much better! can't wait for you to meet her. It's like your in labor. Now I know how you felt when I was pregnant with Tori. Sooo exciting.

  2. Woot woot! One step closer!

    So glad you got to talk to the missionaries. What an awesome appointment set by God!

    Still praying!

  3. Oh tomorrow will be an amazing day! How old is Olga? She is such a beauty and that SMILE!! Prayers for an amazing day tomorrow!

  4. The social worker is very nice, she won't even ask you any questions really, she is used to having people come and adopt kids with special needs.
    I am sending you an e-mail, make sure you check that!

  5. How exciting! I can't wait for your next post!!!

  6. I hate that they make you wait and wait to see your little girl, but so happy FINALLY you will see her tomorrow !!! hang in there, your almost to the prize. I bet some yummy food helped too :) love the pics, the church looks like the same one adela just posted on !!