Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 18 Here in Kiev

We were able to see little Miss Olga again today!! She seemed to be feeling a little better, but still not 100%.

The orphanage was really busy today, lots of activity, so she was distracted alot.
She loves to be held and rocked and loved on. She just lays very still and listens to us, its so cute.

We also went to court today. Not very eventful. We sat in an office of an official and she read our adoption petition. We answered a few questions and then we were done. That was that. Our interpol form did not come today :( so I will be leaving in about 12 hours on a flight back home by myself. It was not want we planned, but we are fully relying on God, and His plan isnt always ours. It will be nice for Joe to spend some more time with Olga, since he is the one coming back to get her and we want her to be used to him as much as possible.

The flight home will be a long one. I have never flown by myself and on the way here I was soo nauseated and sick from the flight. Hopefully with my Dramamine I will be ok.
Evidently the Ukraine airport is crazy in the mornings, hopefully I will navigate it and figure things out.

Please pray that the interpol paper comes yet today or even tomorrow. Joe will be able to finish things up here and fly home this weekend. I know he wants to get home as bad as I do, he just doesnt show it.

We were able to eat lunch with a family that has been here awhile. They had there 11 yr old adopted son with them. It was very nice to talk with another family that is in the same process and share our stories.

I will try to post pics later, blogger is not letting them download.


  1. I hate that you're being separated, but so glad you're coming home!

    Olga will get some Daddy time! You will hopefully sleep!

    Praying for you!