Saturday, April 10, 2010

Poor Little Olga ;(

We drove the long 1 1/2 hour drive this morning to find out again that we are not able to see little miss Olga. When we walked in the nurse was shaking her head no and saying temperature. I asked if we could atleast see her, and she shook her head no.
We were so disapointed. I wish we knew exactly what was wrong with her.

When we went back to the car, Sivlet, our driver, said he would call Nadya. After Nadya called the physician that gave us permission to go today, Sivlet took us back into the orphanage. We were told they would bring her out, but we were not allowed to touch her and to keep our distance. Are you serious!!!

We stood there while this little precious gift of ours walked out holding the hands of one of the workers. She looked pale and tired with a red nose. But she laughed and smiled when she saw us. They held her back from us. The nurse picked her up and loved on her.

She just looked at us, lost...confused.... it was so sad.
Ofcourse not 1 minute later, they told her to say "Paka" (bye) and she was gone.....
All I could do was cry. Sivlet kept saying he was sorry and she was a "good girl".

Im not sure why they wont let us even touch her, whisper in her ear we love her or even spend more than 1 minute with her. They said we could not come back until Monday.

I pray that they let us actually spend time with her Monday. Tuesday is a busy day and we have court on Wed. I want so badly to spend more time with her, especially since I will not be returning on the second visit.

Please pray for her. Pray that her little body stays strong through this illness. Pray that she fights it and is better by Monday. Pray that even in our absence she remembers us and feels and sees the love that we have for her.

I know in my heart they are wanting to protect her, to make her well. They do seem like they care for her. With the language barrier and no contact it is just hard to understand it all. But Im trying, really trying.

Today is our 14th day. We went to our coffee place for lunch. The ladies in their smile at us, and might think that we are stalking them a bit. But the coffee is to die for and the salads are yummy. We even splurged today and tried the cheesecake, it was very good.

Thanks for listening, not much of an update, but its something. One day closer to court date, where she will offically be ours!!!

A Cheese Bouquet we had at a nice restaurant, yummy

We caught a peek of another room at the orphanage. THere was the most precious little girl in there. I started waving at her clapping and she did it right back. She just stood there and smiled. If you look to the right of the picture there is also a baby lying in a play pen. Very sad to know that they will be here once we leave....please pray about adopting...there are soo many more precious gifts here that need a family

There are lots of dogs and some cats that roam the streets. They seem to be everywhere in Olga's city of Vorzel. This dog, if you can see it, is standing at the automatic door entrance to a store. He is thinking very hard about going in everytime it opens. Joe and I thought it was soo cute

A Shell Gas Station. The gas here is cheap, about 1 dollar a gallon

Sorry the picture is poor. We are driving with Sivlet and the traffic is bad. Everyone just does what they want, make a new lane, drive on the other side of the road. Here you can see to the right, they are coming at us in our ditch. Very funny. Sivlet kept saying "little cars, go bump,bump" the ditch is NOT a place to drive, the roads barely are decent.


  1. Is that a sweet little one to the left of the little girl standing too? I just want to hug and love them all!

  2. you know there are 3 baby's in that photo?? one laying on the floor next to the little girl you took the photo of she must be sleeping? oh their little faces, oh my heart. they need a family so badly. I feel so badly for you all the way over there and not able to wrap your arms about your girl. keep looking forward be so sweet to them so they let her go even if she has a runny nose. will be praying hard for you and Olga tonight. hugs xx

  3. Wow! That picture of the orphanage is so interesting!!! I can't wait to get over there. We are going to be there on April 20th in the afternoon and will probably be there all week since our SDA appointment is on Thursday the 22nd. Hopefully you will be long gone and on your way to bringing Olga home by then!!!

  4. oh I am so terribly sorry they are not allowing you to see your precious angel. That would break my heart too :( I have NO IDEA why they do the things they do here. I mean for heavens sakes, you're her MAMA and they won't let you even comfort her???? Ugh. Don't even get me started.

    Hang in there. This too shall pass. Great news to hear that you have a court date.

    Love and hugs

  5. I am so sorry! This is just so frustrating!
    Once you are officially her mom and dad, you can say "I am her mother and I want to see her and hold her!" I had to do that once, and even though they were not happy, I did not care!
    Has Nadya told you why they won't let you see her? has she actually called and asked?
    I am so sorry, I will keep her and you guys in my prayers.

  6. Og guys, I am so sorry. I can't imagine how hard that has been for you.


  7. Praying Olga gets better quickly!

  8. so sorry you are going through that! =( saying prayers from indiana. cant wait until she is yours forever.

  9. I just watched the videos you posted...she is PRECIOUS and just BEAUTIFUL! I will pray she recovers fast, poor little one!

  10. OHHHH, that makes me so sad! It must be so hard to not be ANGRY! Praying this is resolved and she is well soon! AND that she is home for good with her family ASAP!

  11. You know I'm praying for you guys and little Olga!!!

    I must say though, gas is about the same price, you are looking at the price per litre, so multiply that price.

    1 litre = 0.264172052 US gallons