Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We Got Court Date!

Nadya called and told us that our court date is next Wed. 14th at 9am. It is definitely not what we expected, but it is what it is. We are thankful that we got the court date and there is no more waiting to see if and when we get it.
We will be hopefully flying out Thursday morning, our travel agent did not see anything immediatly available, but he said he would work on it.
We are still not allowed to see Olga. The orphanage doctor said that she has a cold and needs to rest. Which is best, but I do wish that we could atleast go and hold her. We will be able to go on Friday. We are thankful that we get to see her several more times before we leave, since we have not seen her much this week.

We also will not be getting the same women judge that was expected. She will be on vacation so we will have a new judge. Please pray that he has a kind open heart and will grant Olga to be our daughter next Wed. without any problems.
Joe and I definitely need to keep busy. When we are idle is when we worry and become discouraged.
I think tonight we are taking a taxi to the mexican restaurant called Tequilla House. It will be a nice change and we can celebrate getting our court date.
Now the count down begins. Once we are home, Joe will come back and bring her home.
Like my best friend Karrie said, when I look back on this it will not feel like such a long time and I will cherish the time I spend her country.
Thanks for all the prayers!!!!
Will leave you with some pictures

Olga's Orphanage

A Walmart type store

I will try and post one more video sometime today or tomorrow, our computer does not want to download it right now.
Luv ya!!!


  1. Yes...prayers for a quick court process. SOON you will all be home!

  2. such a bitter sweet day. It must be God's plan to not give you a court date until next Wednesday so you can continue to bond with Olga. That bond will make her feel so much more comfortable and prepared to come with you. All in His time, right? Do not worry, there will not be a problem with that new judge, I just feel it! Have a good time a dinner, We (mainly,I) haha, love you very much and cannot wait to have you back home,and Olga, where you all belong!!!