Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sorry it has been awhile..

Over the weekend and Monday we continued getting the same information about Olga. "She is sick, has temperature, no visit".

There is such a long story and I would love to share it with everyone, but since we did not make the blog private, I will refrain. Just know we have been tested more in the last week than we have this whole journey. I have leaned on the Lord more in the last few days than I have my whole life.

We did get some bad news that I can share. Nadya called on Monday and told us our interpol paper, the foreign background check that is an extra paper they started this year, is not in. The State Dept. of Adoption says that we have cleared and all is good, but they need the actual paper in their hands to release our adoption approval.

And it currently is "in the mail".

It could possible be in yet today, or even in the morning tomorrow.

If it comes in, yay!, we will be offically her parents after court and will be on our way home Thursday.

But if it does not come in by court tomorrow, Joe will remain here to finish up for a few days, and I will be flying home by myself Thursday.

Joe should only have to be here a few days, just until that paper gets here. Please pray that our meeting tomorrow with the judge goes well and that the interpol paper surprises us in the morning.

We were able to visit with Olga today. She is still such a sick baby, her cough sounds horrible and she has white snot coming out of her nose. Yuck!
But it doesnt change the fact that she has one of the sweetest faces I have ever seen.
She played a little, threw lots of toys (starting to look like a bad habit we started :) ) and we carried her around.

We will also be going in the morning to visit with her before court.
It makes the day so much better to spend time with her and have her in our arms. I thank the Lord that she is on the mend and close to becoming a Norman!!

Today we also went with Nadya to buy some small things for the kids. Hope they will enjoy them. And we finished the afternoon with a lunch at a traditional Ukrainian restaurant that Nadya recommended. It was really good.

I will leave you with some pictures of sweet Olga( you can tell she is not feeling well) and some random photos of Ukraine.

Ok, it must of been Daddy day!!!!

In the pics above we found some beautiful streets to walk along. Joe loved this Audi!!


  1. What a wonderful thing to finally have a mommy and daddy to cling to while ill!

  2. I am so sorry you are having a hard time, I hope things get better and your paperwork comes. She does look a little sick but she is still precious :)

  3. It is sooo good to see pics of our little girl. God never promised it would be easy, but he did say he would be with us. Continue to lean on him and let him carry you through these last few days. You have so many people here praying for you!!!
    We love you!

  4. I emailed you..

    We're still praying like mad for you here. Olga and your family are never far from our thoughts!

  5. Sorry its taking so long and Olga is sick... hope all of you get to go home together Thursday!

  6. Thanks for the sharing - Have been praying for you... So glad you got to see her today!!!! This soon will pass and she will be with you forever!