Friday, April 9, 2010

Day #4 Without Olga

Today was much like the last few days, no Olga. , (

Nadya said that she would call the orphanage doctor this morning to just make sure it was okay to come and visit. When she called, she said the doctor stated she still had a cough and that 10am Saturday we could come back to visit.
It has been so hard this week. Trying to find things to do, stay focused on why we are here, wake up everyday thinking you are going to be able to see her ...
It feels like we have just been here an entire week, and have accomplished nothing.
I could be holding little Olga who is sick and show her love and comfort, or I could be home this week with my other two kids and comfort them, because I know this has not been easy for them either.
I know that is why our court date is next week, I will treasure the time we get to spend with her this weekend and early next week. I hope that she has a simple cold, and that it is not worse than what we are thinking. The doctor has not been specific about it.

Noah is also sick at home now, he sounds horrible on the phone. And even though he says he is fine, all I want to do is be at home with him too. The pull your emotions have on you here is amazing. Throughout the day, there are such a mixture of emotions, it is exhausting sometimes.
I hope the time with her this weekend is precious. Early next week we will be really busy finalizing things and then court. Hopefully one last kiss to our little girl and then off we are to the US.

Please keep Olga in your prayers, that she is feeling better and up for a visit tomorrow. Also Noah, who is at home sick. And little Gracie who keeps asking me when Im coming home.

Hopefully tomorrow we will have loads of pictures for you!!!!


  1. Awww...yes, I'm STILL praying! Bring on the Olga pictures! We want to see her!

    I'll be praying for Noah at home too. I hope he's feeling better soon!

  2. I'm so sorry! What disappointing news to wake up to today. We'll be praying!

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  4. Oh friend! Praying for you guys, I KNOW exactly how you feel and it is so hard! The emotions are normal, but that does not make it any easier. Know that I understand and it just stinks!!!
    When you guys come back get Olga as soon as you can (even though Oleg and Nadya will try to convince you of the opposite) because even if it is just a simple cold, they will not let you take her and you could be stuck there even longer! Nina was getting sick towards the end and I was thankful she was with me!

  5. Hang in there...I can feel your homesickness in this post and know that I will soon be feeling the pull as well. HUGS!!!

  6. I am so sorry they are keeping you from her :( bummer. I hope she feels better very soon !! She needs her mama :)