Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ok, whoever said it felt like groundhog day here, they were right!
Today Sivlet drove us the 40 mins to the orphanage again. He is a man of few words, and few English words. But he is kind none the less.
Today, the weather is much like the last two days, mild,overcast and raining. Please do not tell me what it is like at home ;)
When we arrived, the ladies now all know why we are there, "Olya's momma, pappa!!!".
It is so sweet, and they are so nice and gentle with her.
She came out and was all business. She looked for the strawberry shorcake bag and when she saw it she screamed. Everytime she looked in it she screamed with excitement. It was the first time she has done this.
We played with her stacking cups and the baby doll with the magnet pacifer JOe had bought her back home. She loved it. Actually what she still loves the best is to throw it all on the floor and point with her tiny cute finger and looks at Joe! Already training him!!

We bought her a cloth book with a magnet type mouse that you move over the book and it makes sounds, she caught on quickly and enjoyed that too. We keep trying to get her to dance to the music of a toy, but she wont. Then one of the ladies came out and said dance in Ukrainian and she started right away!!!Too cute.
A young girl arrived and brought decorated glass type eggs to be hung up for Easter and a large sign that said something in Ukrainian with a picture of Jesus. It was nice to know someone brought that to the orphanage!! She also brought in candy for the children and balloons. When Olga saw those she was done with us. She kicked and threw the ballons around for atleast 45 mins. She loved them.
The young lady came over and said did you speak to my grandmother yesterday? Ofcourse I looked at her in confusion. She said that the lady is her grandmother and not related to Olga but has come everyday for 9 months to see Olga. So this explains the older women yesterday, she is not Olga's grandmother, just someone who comes to visit her. Hope Im making sense;) The young lady said that her grandmother had a son with Down Syndrome and she loves to come visit the children here and has become attached to Olga. She also said that they do know Olga's mom, her name is Linnia (sp?) and Olga has an older sister!! We exchanged email addresses to keep in touch.
It is nice to know a little more information about Olga's family and know too that she has touched the lives of others.
Our visit ended and they held her and told her to blow us kisses and she did. We both kissed her and said PAKA!! One of our few words we know.
We will not be able to see her Sunday. We are going to eat a nice breakfast in the morning and then watch Passion of the Christ, we are still not adventurous enough to try and find a church.
Monday we will go see her again and on Tuesday Oleg and Nadya go to court for us to get a court date, for hopefully sometime that same week!!
We want to first thank Jesus, for leading on us on this amazing journey. We are thankful that He has brought us here to her, no matter how difficult it has been. We also want to thank everyone at home for the encouraging words and love that you have shown.
I will leave you with a few pictures of our sweet angel!


  1. I N-E-E-D M-O-R-E V-I-D-E-O!!!!!!!!! Please! That was only enough to tease. I feel like I could sit there and watch her all day!!! I think I might be in LOVE. She is fabulous. I will need a copy of every second of video tape so I can watch it daily until she gets here. haha
    I am soo happy for you! She must be an angel.....touching other people's lives. Amazing.
    and yesterday, I meant me and JIM and the girls, but I wrote me and JOE. oops!

  2. She is SO stinkin' cute!!! Tony was like, LOOK how cute she is!

    SO glad you're getting closer and closer to home! Treasure every second, friend!

    Love you!

  3. Hay you two, Tried to post not sure if it went thru. Got to hear her voice first time in video. Take care of each other, miss you both. Can't wait to play with O G. She will like Rusty. Love Dad & Pam

  4. Isabelle has made me play this video a thousand times for her. She jumps every single time Olga screams. I laugh every time.
    That is the cutest button-pushin' finger I have ever seen.

  5. She is SOOO sweet! Love following your blog. Hoping to get our SDA appointment this week :)!!!!

  6. oh my she is just the most precious little thing. I love that the lady comes to see her, makes me happy to know some folks do care for the kids.And the connection you made with her family is wonderful !

  7. I miss going to the blog to read about your day. The last you posted was Sat. So I will tell you about Easter here. We went to 9:00 service. It was really good.Pastor Dave spoke, and the Church was full. How the reserection changes everything, And that Jesus is the only way to the Father. When we were leaving Pastor Greg talked to us, told us how He and his Wife would read your blog and cry. He said they had been praying for you and will keep praying. Also He thought you were doing a lot better now. Everyone agrees that seeing Olgee was the right medicine for you. At Amy's everyone had a good time. Sue and Bill brought home made ice cream, maple and vanilla, also her sheet cake. We had bergs and dogs,potato salad, beans and more. The kids had a good easter egg hunt, Little Bit found a bag full, and Noah had all he wanted. Then Amy had a easter basket hunt, looking for clues to where the basket was located. That was neat, kids liked that. Pam had to work missed the fun, but her Mom and step Dad stopped by with a easter basket for her. Well this afternoon we start watching the little crumb cruchers, looking forward to spending time with them. Little Bit is so cute and fun, Noah has a great since of humor. I'm sure they will keep us entertained.