Monday, April 5, 2010

Post #2


Sorry we have not posted since Saturday. We are not able to connect to the internet in our room. We have continued to go to the office, since it is in our building, frequently and ask to have it fixed. Nadya told us to be persistent. They do not seem real eager to fix it, but we hope that now that we are currently sitting in their office using their wifi, it will encourage them to fix ours!! ;)

Sunday was quiet. Church bells started to ring periodically Saturday night and went on unitl Sunday afternoon. It was beautiful to hear. People were also walking down the street with lit candles. We went to our coffee place and had cottage cheese type cakes with jam, they were good. It was raining off and on, so we stayed in most of the day.
Today, we were able to see our little stink bug. She came out and I held out my arms and....she went right past me to go and clung to him. :) Today was all about daddy. She sure does get a kick of him. We played and played. She loves to do things and watch out reaction. She has mastered her computer book with the mouse now!!
SHe started to get sleepy when I was holding her singing "Jesus loves me", the lady came out and motioned to take her if she was asleep, I said no and we tried our best to keep her awake so that we can keep her with us. She went back and forth between the two of us and finally fell asleep in daddy's arms. THe lady came back and noticed she was asleep and took her. Gosh, I wish she would understand how good it feels to hold her when she is sleeping.
Joe and I also fall asleep on the way back to our apt listening to our ipods. Very relaxing :) Besides the huge potholes that Sivlet has to do try and miss!! We bought him two packs of his cigarettes that he smokes and gave to him this morning, he said celebration!!! And asked if we were catholic? It was nice to try and speak with him about his religous beliefs. He said he is also christian.
Tonight we are going to stay low and maybe do a quick dinner. Tomorrow is one of the big days, Nadya and Oleg are going to court to submit everything and get us a court date. We are super excited about this, I have butterflies in my stomach! We are still praying they will tell us Thurs or Friday of this week will be court!
Ok, here are your pics!!!


  1. Absolutely beautiful --- thank you so much for sharing. Since we will be soon behind you we hope it's great to follow. Hugs to you all and thanks again for posting - we continue to say extra prayers for you guys.

  2. OH MY WORD...The picture of her sleeping on Joe and the one of her grinning from ear to ear to you is just amazing. The JOY in her eyes! The peace on her face! God has SO orchestrated this!

    Praying your court date is FAST! We want to get that girl home!!!

    Love you!

  3. It sounds like your doing better now.

    I never get tired of looking at her precious face.

  4. SHE IS SO PRECIOUS!! I am thrilled for you guys! We leave today...

  5. she is gorgeous! i agree with post above, her smile to you and sleeping on daddy's sweet. she will be right where she belongs!
    p.s. i went through the daddy preference too with my stunk for a bit! but he's mama boy now! actually he loves us both equally. our daughter had a mama preference so i was kind of glad aiden liked daddy first. hang in there!

  6. Joe, It looks like some of that sugar rubbed off on you. She is very sweet lying there in your lap. Sam, Noah and Little Bit are fine. O G looks so at ease with you two. God sure knows how to match the perfect couple with a special Angel. Miss and love you both, Dad, Pam, Noah, and Gracie

  7. Leaann, she is absolutely adorable. Love keeping up on the blog. Kim & Tom Baumann, Adopting Vanya #11