Monday, April 19, 2010

Volcano Watch 2010

Really nothing all that thrilling to post. I had no ride to the orphanage Sunday so it was just another day filled with me trying to find any way possible to kill time. I spend most of my time (not at orphanage) on the internet, taking walks exploring just a bit further each time, or watching the news channels to see what is new with the airlines and the volcano. Seems prehistoric to be concerned with a volcano but right now I am REAL interested in them. Had just over an hour visit with Olga this morning. We did get to go outside ALONE for a short time. The groupa dressed her like a blizzard was forcasted and we went for a short stroller walk and then played on the one swing in the play area. After 15 minutes or so the doctor was returning from one of the other buildings and of course swung by to make sure all was okay. She felt Olga's fingers and nose and went on into the baby house. Not two minutes later a groupa came out and signaled to me that our outdoor adventure time was over. Olga put up with me for about 35 minutes back inside and once she decided it was time to return to her baby room, that was it. She began to cry and instituted the estrogen program to which I have no chance to withstand. A groupa came to the rescue and it was paka, waive, gone. I am going back tomorrow and then have court Wed. to hopefully wrap this first visit up on the high note that she will finally, legally be the fifth member of our little family. Then a funfilled Thursday playing avoid the ash cloud on airplanes.

A Couple Pics


  1. I can tell that is going to be one spoiled little girl when she gets home.

  2. Hi Joe, it sounds like the volcano may have mercy and behave so you can fly home later this week! PTL!!!!
    Don't worry Olga will come around and you will have two beautiful little girls following you around. She's never had a male figure in her life so this is all new to her, too. The groupas and doctors are the closest thing she's ever had to a family and it sounds like the majority of them are females.
    Just remember, you will look back on this time in your life and cherish the experience. It takes a very special person to be able to endure what you are going through especially now that LeaAnn has returned home.
    Remember straight is the path and narrow the gate.....stay on course that the Lord is leading you down. He will be with you every step of the way.
    You make me very proud of the "Papa" you have become! Love, Steph