Friday, April 23, 2010

Home Safe

Just wanted to let everyone know that Joe made it home safely Thursday afternoon.
He is very tired and trying to adjust to our time here, but safe and sound.

The next travel date will be in two weeks. Joe will return to Ukraine and get Olga immediately!!! He will then have to finish up the rest of the paperwork, her passport and medical. Then she will be on her way home, at last!!! It seems very surreal. We will be spending the last couple weeks preparing last minute details of her arrival and making sure I have everything needed for her.
We want to thank everyone for the prayers and support. We loved hearing from everyone during our trip. We will keep everyone updated on when Joe leaves again and when he will be returning with our little girl..



  1. So glad he's home!

    I can't wait for round 2! That's when the fun REALLY starts!

  2. Glad he made it home safe and I'm super excited to meet Olga soon!!!

  3. Glad you have both made it home safely. Now we will look forward to the next trip and EVERYONE in your family being home together. Praying that the next couple of weeks go quickly and that everything will continue to go smoothly.

  4. So happy for you guys!!!! So glad everyone is home safe and sound!

  5. Glad you made it home Joe. It was nice running into you in the airports :) Hey I was wondering....we never saw any RR people before we left Kiev (since we stayed with missionaries) to give them back the UTEL modem or cell phone. Can we mail them to you and then you can take them over and give them to Yulia or Nikolai? Is that who you were working with? Email me at Thanks so much!!

  6. I am so happy you have met Olga!! Isn't she a doll baby..She will fit right into your wonderful family! Amazing to meet the children and then see them have families!!!!!!