Thursday, April 29, 2010


Oh the waiting game...not so much fun.
It is so strange being here, in this country, and knowing that our little girl is off in another country, without us. :(

I want so badly for her to be here, to be home with us. I know the procedure, i know we wait and wait some more. It doesnt get easier. I feel like there is a missing piece, a hole in our family.

I watched and listened today as Noah was getting his shoes on this morning for school and Gracie was fixing her hair for the hundreth time, they were discussing who was going to squeeze Adelee the hardest and longest when she gets home, so sweet. Gracie then reached over and grabbed the sweet little picture of her baby sister and started to kiss all over it. I can not wait for the bonds to start to form between these three children. To witness the love that has over flowed from Noah and Gracie all these months to engulf this little girl. She will not know what hit her. There are soo many people here waiting with us.. Waiting to see her and to experience the wonder she is going to have over all of lives.

Joe and I have spent sometime talking about the difficulties we will have. We know it is not going to be easy. We know that there is going to be a long transition for her, for us, for everyone. We are so looking forward to having her here and making our family complete. Hard times, Good times, sad times.... we are looking forward to it all. GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!!!! We know this, we have lived this, even during my hardest moments in Ukraine-I felt this.

We are trying right now to figure out when Joe will be returning to Ukraine. We know that there are ALOT of holidays in Ukraine during the month of May. There is the international Labor Day-May 1-4, Victory Day-May 9-10, Holy Trinity-May 23-24 and Memorial Day May 31. I know this will through some kinks in our plans.. We will let everyone know when we hear from Oleg or Nadya when we return and when Joe can walk out those orphanage doors and THIS TIME be the one to HELP Adelee wave PAKA!!!!!


  1. LeaAnn you have half my office crying after reading your heartfelt update. People here don't even know you, Joe, or the kids but they certainly have learned to love all of you! They watch the blog faithfully for updates and pictures. Prayers continue for all of you. Post some pictures of Noah and Gracie or let them do a post on the blog while you wait on the word to return to get Miss Olga. We would love to see pictures of all of you!

  2. praying you guys can have her home sooner then later !

  3. Just remember "all good things come to those who wait." In this case, it is a beautiful little girl that the hearts of many people. The kids think I'm crazy because I can't wait to hold her little hands. :)
    You're on the final countdown.
    Love you guys.

  4. Hi! I'm new to your blog - Adelee Olga is absolutely beautiful!! We are heading to Ukraine in 9 days for Lily (Lilya on RR)

    Best Wishes with the rest of your journey to bring your Adelee home!