Friday, April 2, 2010

Day #2 With Olga

Today started off much like yesterday. Early to rise, about 1am your time!!! Thankfully the traffic was not as bad and it only took 40mins to get to the orphanage. This time we were only taken by our driver, Sivlet. He is very kind though.
When we arrived they brought her out to us quickly. She was so stinkin cute and just giggled as she walked towards us. All of the ladies there rub our arms and say Mama and Papa, so that Olga get used to us. She sat on Joes lap for quite some time trying to take it in. We are kinda strange people ;)

After her brief moment of shyness, she came out of it!!! She loves the stackable cups, thanks Rett for the idea!!. She did start to throw them and make papa go get them. Which I thought was funny, so did she!
We were allowed to spend 2 hours with her and the time went by so fast. We were left in what I call the lobby area and there is lots of distraction. She adores the women that work there, they all tease her and she smiles. Very reassuring to know what they have tried to provide for her the last 2 1/2 years.
She loved playing with this popping toy, everytime it made a sound she looked at us and we jumped and she laughed. We did "get the mama" again, and ofcourse she giggled alot. And she loves Joe's cell phone, with the dice game. She shakes it like crazy to get it to work!!!
She reached for me and put her head on my shoulder and I sang You are My Sunshine (Gracie, she likes it just like you), I must of sang that 4 times and she almost fell asleep. Very sweet girl.

And then we had a surprise. A lady came in that we recognized from some pictures that we had gotten from another family. When Olga saw her she just lit up. All of sudden the women started crying hysterically, holding Olga, pointing towards to ceiling saying "Jesus" and a bunch of other stuff we could not understand. Tatiana,I think she is one of the doctors or one of the head ladies came out and must of told her to give her to us, then she left. The lady continued to cry and cry and hold onto her. I called Nadya and asked her to please speak to her and find out what she is saying.
Come to find out, she is Olga's grandmother. She has wanted to take Olga for along time but has not been able to. And she said she has prayed and prayed that Jesus would bring a mommy and daddy for Olga. Nadya said she wanted to give us her blessing and her phone number. THe grandmother took the phone again and started bawling. I felt so sorry for her, the two sides of the pain of such an answered prayer for her granddaughter, losing her and her finding a family. I spoke with Nadya one last time and she told me that Olga's mother has alot of addictive problems and she does not want her to be with her. She hugged and kissed JOe and I. At this point many of the workers came out and were talking to her matter of factly. Pointing to us, saying Papa, Mama!!! Olga was upset by this point and did not know what to do. One of the ladies grabbed a ball and started helping us distract Olga while she walked out.
I dont know if we will see her again. Or if Olga will see her again. I felt so sorry for her, I cant imagine what she is feeling. I just hope that she saw the love in our eyes for Olga as we stared helplessly at her.
We finished the day playing and laughing with her. And then it was over. THey took her for lunch and we said PAKA!!! SHe waved and then was gone.
Joe and I went back to our little coffee house and had salads and coffee and gelato (sp). We also went to a toy store and got her a baby doll that sings a nursery rhyme (we are guessing) in Ukranian.

THis is our coffee spot!! They have good lunch too!!

Loving on Papa!!

Sweet baby!

More of sweet little Olga!!
Keep us in your prayers, still no word from Social Worker.
Love ya LeaAnn


  1. How amazing! I can't say enough how inspiring it is to watch you go through this journey. We are praying for you as you continue through the process. Olga is beautiful!

  2. What an amazing day. The Lord works in mysterious ways. It is not a coincidence that you were not able to have your translator with you today. The Lord had a plan for Olga and her grandma. He is preparing their hearts just between them. What a wonderful woman. She has prayed for 3years for a family Olga. And here you and Joe are.......her answered prayer. What an awesome feeling it must be to know that you are someone's miracle. YOU, you, LeaAnn, You! You are what Olga's grandma has prayed for. I am overwhelmed with God's presence in this whole situation. You and Joe are truly blessed by He Himself. What a mighty God we serve.
    Olga is one of the most beautiful angels I have ever seen. I cannot wait to meet her and neither can Joe and Izzy and my whole family. Thank you for sharing your life with us!I love you guys very much.

  3. Wow, what a situation to be in. That would be sooo hard.

    Aren't you so glad you finally get to see that precious smile in person? I can't wait until I get to see it!

  4. wow, so heart wrenching about adelee olga's grandmother. precious that she gave you all her blessing. she is beautiful!
    rachel (in indiana too!)

  5. The posts are absolutely amazing and it is wonderful to be able to follow as you go through and hope and pray the rest of us will be walking behind you soon. Good luck and we are all praying really hard for you guys and you are on the downhill slide - keep your chin up and a very wonderful sign I saw today - "If God leads you to it - He will certainly lead you through it!!". God bless you and thank you again for posting.

  6. Sam and Joe, Everytime I read your blog I don't think that anything could be more touching or bring more tears to my eyes. Then the next day comes and it is more overwhelming than the day before. How did you keep from crying like a baby when the Grandmother came in? That was so awesome, what a God we have. You two are such a blessing to that family and ours. We all love you!! Please tell O G Pappy loves her too!! Miss you both, Dad & Pam

  7. How wonderful that Olga was loved so much, I would think her grandmother is the reason she is so high functioning, having someone that comes and loves her. I agree with pp how wonderful to be someone’s miracle. Olga is beautiful love to you all

  8. did you get her address to send photo's? how wonderful that she could share these with her friends might help change some minds over there.

  9. What an amazing, God-filled opportunity. Just amazing to see how this sweet grandmother had starting praying nearly three years ago for Olga's family. This was well before you ever knew about Olga. His plan. His timing. His children. What a story for Olga when she is older. Did you take pictures of her grandmother?

    So glad the stacking cups were a hit. Just wait till she gets in the tub with them!

    Still praying for you!

    Love you!