Friday, April 16, 2010

Island of Estrogen: Day 1

My plan to get some quality solo time with Olga crashed and burned this morning. When I got to the baby house I had to wait a few minutes while they finished Olga's "massage". 1st problem: Massages! I know its not mud masks and cucumbers but how am I supposed to be a step up from a massage?
After my short wait they brought out my little girl, OKAY PAPA TIME! 2nd problem: Papa time only sounded good to me. Olga stood staring at me like "no way dude, where is the female that usually brings you?"
Not to be disuaded I turned up the daddy charm and we started to play with her toys and I even got I few smiles, usually when she would throw a toy on the floor and look at me, grin, and say with those deep brown eyes, "get'em sucker."
We were okay for about 40 mins. until, 3rd Problem: Boogies, yes boogies! Poor Olga's nose is still running strong and one of the ladies gave us a tissue to use. This is where I overstepped my bounds. I took the tissue from Olga, not good, and attempted to whipe her nose, to clear the boogies. This put her over the limit, she began to cry and when I tried to make it all better it got worse. This started the 4th and final problem: Estrogen, it is all Olga knows! As soon as she started crying I was way outnumbered! The house Groupas and doctor swarmed her and I had no chance to even try to show that I was a caring dad. Olga knows them and despite their efforts to tell her while looking at me "Papa, Papa" Miss Olga was done. They might as well looked at me and said space ship, space ship because she has no clue what a papa or a space ship are! So they returned her to the safe confines of the inner island and I left a little deflated wondering how I could go back tomorrow.
So how is everyone else! That was just the morning! To help it is raining so another funfest day in the apartment WOOOO HOOOOO!

All in a days work to save a life LOL. I didn't get any pics this AM but I will try to get some from Wed. when I had my estrogen anchor with me ;)


  1. Too funny. She will come around! Praying!

  2. HYSTERICAL! I love your style of writing! Keep the humor up, it will be necessary for survival!

    Hmmm, estrogen. Let's think. Could you bring chocolate as a peace offering??? Just a thought! hahaha


  3. oh, I am sure it will get better, dont' give up! I will be praying for you.

  4. Hi Joe,
    I love your postings! They are so "you". They made me smile even though I felt bad about your first solo day with Olga. Remember she still doesn't feel the best, yet. It was great that she recognized that one of you was missing from the duo. Tomorrow will be better! She will get the hang of this Mama and Papa she keeps hearing about.
    Just stay focused on the reason for your mission! Remember the suffering Jesus went through for can do this.
    Olga needs you and you need Olga. It's a win/win she just doesn't realize that yet. She recognizes you and remembers you.....very soon she will love you like you love her.
    I know you are so ready to come home for those precious 10 days. It too will be here soon. You are then on the final countdown to success! The journey back will be tough and you may want to give up but remember the greater cause of your journey and the life you, LeaAnn, and your family are going to give that beautiful little girl that would otherwise be facing a short life in an institution. Our sufferings aren't always for us but for a greater good. What you and LeaAnn are sacrificing to bring your daughter home is nothing short of amazing! I will see you in the airport when you bring Miss Olga off the plane. Love you, Steph

    P.S.- Just remember after the rain is a rainbow! :)

  5. Aww I’m sorry I could feel your pain and heart ache in your post. Even us mums have felt a bit like that. Once after my first son had his Cleft lip operation, I couldn’t’ comfort him. I’m his mum I should be the only one that can comfort him. All he wanted way my sister. My sister was kind and said “I was the bad one as I handed him over for the op” hmm all I know is I felt uncomfortable in front of the staff that I couldn’t’ comfort my own baby (9mths old) I felt inadequate….so don’t feel to alone, I have been there it’s a horrible feeling. Like we should just be able to do this stuff….praying tomorrow is a better day for you both.

    hang in there

  6. Very adorable and great write up. Hang in there you guys will be back with mommy and your other babies soon!!