Thursday, April 15, 2010

Going Solo!

Hello everyone, time for a minor update and a big change. This is Joe and I will be your Ukraine correspondant for the forseeable future. LeaAnn is currently on her way to Indiana to get back to Noah and Gracie. Praise God I checked her flight and all looks good, she was not held up by the closures in northern Europe and UK.
I will be here in Kiev until they decide to dig up our interpol clearance lol. Right now it looks like early next week. Today, after rising way early to see LeaAnn off to the airport my mission was to secure another apartment. As with all things Ukraine adoption it had complications! They took til almost noon to even find an open apartment, uh oHHH, I spent the morning considering life on the streets of Kiev :)
No worries I was able to stay in the same building just on the 7th floor now in another studio that is good but has not seen the update of some of the others. Any hoo, I ventured out for the first time without my travel buddy today and found my way back and everything!
I am going to see Olga in the morning, hopefully she will be feeling even better so I can start my plan to convince her that papa is numero uno!
Thanks so much for all your prayers and support back home. Keep em coming! I will try my hand at posting with some pics of everyones favorite Norman (Olga not me).
Please pray for LeaAnn to have safe return flights and that Noah and Gracie can withstand the "MOM ATTACK" that is upon them.



  1. You are already "numero uno" daddy in my book!! Why....because you have opened your heart to this beautiful little girl who I just can't get enough of. I have been kind of silently following your journey to get her and am dying for some new pics to gawk at. Praying that LeeAnn makes it home safely. I am sure her heart is torn with having to leave you and Adelee Olga behind but anxiously awaiting seeing your other children too. Someday I hope to follow in your footsteps and save a child from the orphanage but for now I will live vicariously through others :)

  2. Praying, praying, praying, praying, praying!

    You're going to be great there, Joe!

    Way to go Papa!

  3. its been wonderful watching your journey to your daughter. makes me want to do it again, but my hubby says were done at 6! =) blessings, rachel (in so.indiana)

  4. what a brave daddy you are ! hoping you guys will be heading home w your sweetie soon :)

  5. I love it when the dad's take over the blog, that's when things get fun!