Tuesday, April 20, 2010

O O Cheerios!

I departed to the orphanage this morning armed with a new weapon. Cheerios! Well the Ukrainian equivelant. Taking advice from adoption veterans Rett and Tony I thought an edible peace offering may aid me in this mission to convince Olga that this strange man is trying to win her over to his side. Overall they worked GREAT! Every time she seemed to be getting annoyed with me or things in general I offered up some Cheerios. During the entire visit she had no tears or need for estrogenic intervention. We had a relatively quiet visit with the last 25 minutes with my little girl asleep across my chest. I am not sure of the schedule at the baby house but Olga has seemed tired during several of our visits.I figure it could be any of the following or a combo!
1. She is just waking up when I arrive.
2. She has been up a while and is paying for it.
3. She is still getting medication for her bad cold or any other number of things that they choose to address with a medicine.
4. I am boring!
Knowing that option 4 is untrue I wish I could ask the doctor about some of these things but since I visit the orphanage without a translator my best communication is to nod alot and smile like I kinda know what is going on.

Let's try a video today!


  1. Good idea looked like it worked !

  2. Make sure you have a big bag of those for the plane ride home with her =)

  3. I absolutely love that you are loving on this baby!! She is going to have you wrapped around her little finger for the rest of your life!! YOU ROCK!!

  4. I LOVE that squeal of delight she let out for those cheerios!:)

  5. Oh My Goodness. She is so beautiful! LOVE her eyes. Really drives it home when you see that sweet baby in a video... not just a still pic. WOW. Your family is beautiful and God Bless You all.

  6. This is what we were told. The kids are up like at 6:00 am! By 12:00 they are more than ready to eat, and at 12:30 they are down for naps until 4:00 pm. They go to bed at 10:00 pm.
    So when we come see them they are hungry and yes, sleepy!
    We felt the same way with Nina and bringing food was great because she was ready to eat by then!

  7. Who'd of ever thunk it....Cheerios! I'm glad you had a full visit with Olga and got to sit quietly and hold her for the last 25 minutes. What a precious memory.
    Hope to hear she is your daughter tomorrow! Also, that you are safely home on Thursday!!!
    Take Care,